If you are getting an error when installing on Mac and you would like us to help debug the problem, you will need to send us the installer log output. Just follow the following steps. After we receive your installer log, we will contact you with next steps.


1. If you haven't already, download the younity installer, but don't run it yet.

2. First, open the Console application on your Mac. It can be found in the /Applications/Utilities directory. Or just search for it using Spotlight.

3. With the Console open, click on the /var/log folder on the left. That will open a list of children. 

4. Click on the install.log item.

5. Now clear the contents of the window. In the Console toolbar, click on the Clear button.

6. Now run the younity installer and follow all the normal prompts. We know it will fail, but we need to capture the failure in the log.

7. Once the installer fails, return to the Console window. 

8. Click in the right-most part of the window -- it contains the installer output. 

8. Select the entire log contents. Select All and Copy to Clipboard, either typing CMD A followed by CMD C, or by using the Console menu.

9. Paste the contents of the clipboard into your existing support ticket, or into a new one