younity automatically keeps itself up to date on your computer and mobile devices. This is important so that you can benefit from any new product features we introduce, as well as keep up to date with bug fixes and the latest security enhancements. Usually, these updates will happen in the background with a minimal amount of disruption.

From time, to time, however, there are issues that may prevent younity's ability to keep itself up to date automatically. These are usually issues involving your network setup, but can also include issues with user permissions on your computer. These issues should only affect a very small percentage of our users -- with luck, you will never have this problem.

If you do experience this problem, you should see the following message popup on your computer:

If you do, the best first course of action is to simply download a new younity installer from our website. Running the installer should resolve the issue, though you will need to login again using the same Facebook account, Google account, or email address/password you used when creating your account.

If, after re-installing younity, you still experience problems, please visit this same support site and file a ticket. Someone will get back to you and help you to get younity running properly again.