Update (October 22, 2014)

Apple's recent release of iOS 8 has broken this feature. Earlier versions of iOS should still work -- it is only iOS 8 that is affected. 

Please note that it appears that all applications that stream DRM video to Safari are broken, not just younity. We are of course disappointed by that, and are working hard to resolve the issue with Apple and/or find an acceptable workaround. We will update this post as we gather information about the problem or a possible resolution. 

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. For more information, please see this link.

DRM = Digital Rights Management. DRM-protected files are encrypted to prevent copying; also playback may be restricted to certain applications such as iTunes or the Windows Media Player. 


How to Enable iTunes DRM'd Video Streaming

We are very excited to announce that younity can now stream iTunes DRM video directly from your Mac to your iOS device! This will allow you to watch all of your iTunes-purchased video content via younity, wherever you are, and without downloading or syncing!

This feature is available in younity 1.8.2 and higher, and should work "out of the box", provided that you have signed in to iTunes on your iOS device using the same Apple ID you used to purchase and download the video content onto your Mac. Using the same Apple ID is necessary because Apple uses it to authorize your device(s) to play the DRM'd content. 

Checking Your Apple IDs

To confirm that your iOS device is using the same Apple ID used to purchase a specific video do the following:

1. From iTunes on your Mac, right-click on the video you wish to watch and select "Get Info". Note the "Purchased by" tag on the video, as shown in this screenshot:

2. Next, check the "iTunes & App Store" settings on your iOS device and confirm that iTunes is setup to use the same Apple ID, as shown in the following screenshot:

As you can see, iTunes doesn't display your actual Apple ID in the "Get Info" view, but you can confirm that the video is tied to your Apple ID but viewing your purchase history in iTunes. To do that, select "View Account" from the "Store" menu in iTunes.


If you have trouble watching your DRM'd video, and you have confirmed that you are using the correct Apple IDs, it is possible that Apple has not authorized your iOS device to view the DRM'd content. This can happen even if you are signed in to iTunes on your iOS device using your Apple ID. The reasons for this are not documented by Apple, but from our testing we believe it is because Apple requires your device to be reauthorized from time to time, including the first time it is used to view DRM'd content.

You will know if your iOS device requires reauthorization if you attempt to view a DRM'd video via younity and see the following error:

Authorizing Your iOS Device

To authorize your iOS device, do the following:

1. Open the "Videos" app on the device. 

2. Click the "Store" button.

3. Click the "More..." button.

4. Click the "Purchased" button.

5. Locate any previously-purchased item. Note that this item does not need to be a video you have attempted and failed to view. Select any previously purchased item.

6. Click the download button next to the item. Allow the download to begin as shown in the following screenshot:

Note that it is not necessary to let the download complete. You may stop or cancel it as soon as it starts. 

Your device should now be authorized to play all DRM'd content owned by your Apple ID. 


To confirm that your device has been authorized, return to younity and attempt to play the iTunes DRM'd video that previously failed with the indicated error. The video should now play without issue, and all subsequent videos, including future purchases, should work without issue until Apple invalidates the device and requires it to be authorized again.


We do not know how often reauthorization is required by Apple. In our testing, it has been infrequent -- meaning that devices have not required reauthorization for weeks or months at a time. We of course have no way of knowing if your device(s) will require reauthorization more or less frequently.


Please let us know if you have any problems using our new DRM'd video streaming feature. We hope it will be a rich and rewarding experience. As always, if you have any questions or problems, please feel free to create a support ticket and we will follow up with you personally.

Thanks for using younity!

The Team at Entangled Media