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cannot add location

hello. I just installed younity on my macbook pro and found that I cannot add "machintosh hdd" whenever I opened preference and try to add. That means younity does not scan my macbook pro. I can only add my portable hdd which is connected to my macbook pro via usb. As a result, I can see the files from my iphone that is inside my portable hdd, but I cannot see the files that is inside my computer itself (macbook pro). why is this happening??

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younity cannot scan directories that are read-only or hidden. On Macs, the "root" of your hard drive will be read-only to us. You should be able to add your home directory, though. If you cannot add your home directory, that too is probably set as hidden or read-only. You can confirm that from Finder by right-clicking on the directory you would like to add, and selecting Get Info. If you still have problems, I would recommend creating a ticket so that we can follow up with you personally. Thanks.


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