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Recognized file types

Hi younity. I just want to say that I have been looking for this app since AudioGalaxy sold itself to Dropbox. I have a dedicated Music drive with almost a TB of music on it. What I would like to know is exactly what file types are recognized for music. I seem to have picked up a few different types over the years and I do notice some music is not showing up in their assigned folders. For example, I have the Iron Maiden discography for live and studio albums but most of them are missing. The same with some albums from a cd source. Are more file types recognized the longer younity is running and continually rescanning the drive?

Thanks for any info....

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Hi Brian,

Here is the current list of supported audio files:

File Extension MIME TYPE 

 aa         audio/aa 

 aa3       audio/aa3 

 ac3       audio/x-aac 

 aif         audio/aiff 

 aifc       audio/aiff 

 aiff         audio/aiff 

 axa        audio/annodex 

 caf         audio/x-caf 

 caff        audio/x-caf 

 cda        application/x-cda 

 cdda      application/x-cda 

 flac        audio/flac 

 flac        audio/x-flac 

 m2a       audio/x-mpeg2 

 m4a       audio/mp4 

 m4b      audio/mp4 

 m4p      audio/mp4 

 m4r       audio/aac 

 mp1      audio/x-mpeg 

 mp2      audio/x-mpeg 

 mp2a    audio/x-mpeg2 

 mp3      audio/x-mpeg 

 mpa      audio/x-mpeg 

 mpega   audio/x-mpeg 

 mpga     audio/x-mpeg 

 ogg        audio/ogg 

 oga        audio/ogg 

 ogx        audio/ogg 

 spx       audio/ogg 

 wav       audio/x-wav 

 wma     audio/x-ms-wma

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