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Younity on my desktop is showing offline when I KNOW its not offline

I have the latest release of Younity is installed on my desktop computer and on my iphone 7.

The software is up and running and both the computer and the phone are connected to my WIFI but my iphone says Younity on my computer is offline.  WHY IS THAT?

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Hi Travis,

Your computer should be accessible while in a 'soft sleep' state (a power saving mode), but it will not be accessible in a 'hard sleep' state (the kind where you manually put it into sleep mode if it's a desktop, or close the lid if it's a laptop). 

If it's not in a hard sleep state and the computer still appears to be offline in younity, please let us know and we will open a ticket for you.


I saw your support ticket as well and replied to it. We have seen a few reports of this, with differing causes. The most recent involved someone with an ISP that doesn't support IPv6. Anyway, if it's not too much trouble, please "Report an Issue" from younity on your computer (you will see the option when you click on the "Y" icon in the menubar (Mac) or System Tray (Windows). That will send your logs to us, and maybe we can spot a problem.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for your patience.


I have the same problem. PC is online, mobile devices say it is offline. How do I proceed?

I have the same problem... Pc is OK! But mobile is offline...

Apparently Younity is shutting down, and instead of sending out a mass email about it, they pinned that announcement to this forum? I have been receiving emails from Younity even in the past week asking for feedback about their product, only to reply and get an error message saying that the email address doesn't exist. They haven't responded to any of my tickets in weeks. Kinda sucks.

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