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Need Playback Options

Any work being done to improve the Playback experience? Currently there are no options such as full screen, etc. The "open in" and "download" functions work but are too slow. I can download my files to my android faster by other means. At least a "full screen" option would be appreciated for playback.

Thank You! 

Hi Kelly,

Yes, we are working on several playback features, with a at least 2 coming out in the next month or so. These would be resumable playback and streaming quality options for video (e.g. play original quality or other quality that you can choose). We already have the Music Quality options in the Settings menu, in case you are not aware of that.

However, we'd be happy to hear your additional feature suggestions if there is something specific you are looking for. Can you elaborate on what you feel would be a good addition? 

In terms of "full screen," we playback your video in the resolution of the original source. So if it is 4x3 or 16x9, we maintain that aspect ratio. Were you looking for something that would scale it to something other than the original aspect ratio? Thanks.

Thanks so much for responding and all of your hard work Erik. You nailed it with the aspect ratio. I have a lot of videos that display too small with the original 4x3 and I would love to have the ability to to select 16x9 or other choices. The resumable playback and streaming quality that you mentioned would be fantastic too. I really love the way younity works and I will be totally all in if you provide a better video playback interface. Thanks Again!!!!

Hi Kelly,

Thanks for the kind words. We'll have to look into it further, but my initial understanding is that converting 4x3 video to 16x9 is not straight forward. It would depend on the encoding of the source material and if it was not anamorphic we'd essentially either remove the top and bottom of your videos or we'd stretch them, resulting in what is likely a horrible experience (in my opinion, both would be bad playback experiences). I understand what you'd like to get, but honestly I'm not sure we could deliver on it very well - not for a lack of trying, but rather for a whole variety of limitations that make it so this simply can't be done with the click of a button. That said, we'll spend a bit of time to see if it is possible. We are adding many features around video playback, as I've described. Audio track and subtitles are also on our short list (in addition to resumable playback and quality/resolution options).

Sorry if that is not good enough and I understand if it sounds disappointing. Sometimes there are things within our ability to control, but sometimes things are beyond what our product can do within reason. We're always happy to hear what people are looking for though, so I really appreciate your input. Thanks.


Once again I really appreciate your responsiveness. It's great that you take the time to listen to your customers. However something so simple as full screen playback should not be that difficult or complicated. Every streaming service and all simple free video playback apps offer this. Even the built in Android player does this very well. This is a complete deal breaker for me. If I can't watch my media at full screen there is no reason to continue with younity. I can take the same exact media files that look too small and basically unwatchable in the younity playback app and watch them perfectly on any other "free" video player. Just not acceptable at all to say it can't or shouldn't be done.

Hi Kelly,

Well, as I said we will certainly discuss it internally. However, maintaining the quality of a source video while changing its aspect ratio can only mean that we cut out part of the video or stretch it, unless it is encoded in both 4x3 and 16x9 and/or is anamorphic. If the content is hosted, a streaming service will often have both formats. If other apps are accomplishing this, it is perhaps because the source is encoded to do it and give you the option or because they are stretching the video. Both the Android video player, which we previously used on Android, and others video players will play whatever the source material is (which could be both formats), but they don't actually modify the source video (e.g. change it from 4x3 to 16x9) and never do that in a mobile app because it is far too processor intensive. This type of action would be performed on source material on the computer using software like ffmpeg or something similar to transcode the material to a new aspect ratio.

I won't claim to be an expert on this subject, so if it can be done without modifying the video we'll be able to do it; and to be clear, at this moment younity does not let you choose from multiple encoded aspect ratios. Adding some UI to let you choose from available encoded formats is something we are doing (e.g. subtitles, etc.), so in that specific case it is totally possible that we do this. However, I'm not personally aware of doing that to where it won't modify the source video unless the source video is specifically encoded to do this or unless we are fine with it significantly degrading the quality of the video (which we would not likely be fine doing).

Thanks again for your input. I'll see to getting back to you if we can accomplish this, but I'd set expectations around it for some time in the future and not the immediate near-term.


Thanks once again for responding. I really appreciate. Unfortunately this means that I will cancel my premium account which I just did but I will continue to monitor things just in case you add some ui functionality. I understand all of the what you are saying but the fact is that all of my video files play just fine on all other video players in full screen mode so it just simply shouldn't be that big of a deal. I'll continue to watch for updates and will rejoin as a premium user if you ever offer a better video playback ui. Until then I will seek other methods. Thanks so much again for taking the time to respond!!!

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