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Tagging MP4's

Hey everyone,

What tagging tool is recommended so that my MP4's show up correctly as either TV Shows or Movies?


Unfortunately, changing the metadata tags will not change the category that younity puts your movie into because we use the length of the movie and other factors and not the metadata.

Hi Carrie,

Please elaborate more on the "other factors".

We are aware our categorization needs improvement and revamped somewhat.  This is actually on our product development roadmap as a future project.  With this said it would be helpful to receive feedback from you.  How do you think we should categorize "video"?

Carrie, if possible I'd like to organize by using folders. So, if I have a "TV Shows" folder in my video directory, the subfolders inside there show up in the TV Shows category when browsing Younity on my mobile device. 

I agree with Tom. Let the users sort the content via folders and sub-folders. Have the app list each folder's content alphabetically.

LG and Tom,

Thank you both for your suggestions.  I will be sure to forward them to the Product Development Team for review and consideration.

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