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how about allowing the user to select where to look for files during setup ...

I have just installed younity and it has started to search for files. I have video files on my C drive and music on an external K drive. Music and video are both backed up to another external drive - L.

Will younity plow through every drive connected to the PC before I can use it. Will I see duplicate entries from the L drive ?

Is there a way to select where to look for files ? That would make setup a lot more efficient.


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Thank you for your inquiry.   You the user sets the location for younity to scan.  On your computer go to younity / Preference / Location.  Here you add or remove the file location you want younity to give access to on your mobile devices.  younity will then scan this location and once it has finished writing the metadata for ALL the files in this location, then you can view the files on your mobile devices.  Depending on the number of files you have set younity to scan determines how long it takes for them to be come available on your mobile devices.


younity Customer Support Engineer

Under Preferences > Locations: In browsing for a folder, Younity starts at "Desktop" instead of "C Drive". My media files are in a top level directory/folder (same level as "User", "Windows", "Program Data", etc.). In other words, Younity doesn't allow access to my media file folder which is at the top level. The design of the Locations setting assumes that all files are all in the standard Windows "User" folder. 

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