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Total access to all registered devices/ camera roll backup

1. It would be amazing if you could access devices both ways. How I am able to access my desktop from my iPhone, my desktop should also be able to access my iPhone! Which leads to the next topic: 2. This is a full fledged cloud application which I would love to switch over to but there is one BIG issue which is keeping me from doing so. The issue is that this app does not back up my camera roll to my computer/sync files across multiple devices. Mainly the camera roll backup. I'm currently using BitTorrent sync to back up my files and I love how it works, if you could incorporate something similar to that to back up photos taken on your phone, this would literally be THE best!
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Thank you for your suggestion, actual this is slated for sometime in the future as to when it has not been prioritized as of yet.  Once it is we will be sure to let everybody know


C Diaz

younity customer support

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