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iOS app -- wrong or missing art?

I have been testing out 1.9.0 on Mac OS X 10.10.3 (first time user).  

One of the albums I tested out with is "Heroes" by David Bowie.  I had re-ripped that album recently as a 256 AAC rip (iTunes default these days).  I got artwork from the internet and "pasted" it on the files in my iTunes library (so the meta data contains the artwork and is visible when looking at the .m4a files in the Finder.)

I copied the "Heroes" album from iTunes on the computer I ripped it from to the machine I'm testing younity with and put it into iTunes on that test machine.   Get info on any of the tracks shows the correct artwork.

However, the iOS app (1.9.2) -- when I select the album -- is showing me the artwork from Heroes by David Benoit -- an album I do *not* have in iTunes.

I have rebooted the computer running younity so it did a rescan and quit/relaunched the iOS app -- but it's still showing the wrong album art.

Does the iOS app not parse the album art in the metadata on the file?  Or is it pulling down art from the internet, but not doing a complete match?

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Hi Steve

I apologize for the delay in my response.  Thank you for trying out our product and for taking the time to write us about your specific experience.

We realize that we do not do as good a job with cover art as we could. We currently use a third-party service to load cover art, but it's probably not as comprehensive a solution as would be ideal. We plan to make some significant improvements in this area and we are currently working on a release to improve the user experience in our Music features.  While I can't promise that your specific issue will be addressed we are considering some changes that will improve the accuracy of the Album artwork displayed in younity.  

I hope you will stick with us as we work to improve our product.

Thanks for you for being a younity user!

-Carlotta Simonson

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