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Use Of Unity With Chromecast

What are the odds and what are the prospects that Younity will be made available for use with Google's Chromecast?  Younity is the best software I've seen of its kind, and having the iPhone app work with Chromecast would be a huge help for me.

Mr. Lee,

Thanks for your feedback and interest in younity! We really appreciate it. Unfortunately at this time younity on iOS does not support Chromecast. As we evolve our product we will continue to evaluate support for it. Our road map does have Chromecast support on it but I am unable to make any commitments on when we may get to it. So, keep an eye out for support in the future and let me know if I can help you with any other questions.




Yes... Would be great to have chrome cast with Younity.... Both together would just "rock"... ;) Good luck guys & wish I could help you with all this programming... ;)

I am all for Chromecast support! These days I prefer it over Apple TV. Have in fact paid for Early Access Features for Air Video HD (Similar to Younity with respect to video only) to be able to use my Chromecast.

This seems to be the only feature missing from my perspective. Any updates on when/if Chromecast support will be added to the iOS app?

Hi Midnyt,

We're working on a plan to integrate Chromecast in the near future. While we don't have a date yet, it is a priority and we're aiming to get it done in the first half of the year. We'll keep everyone posted and thanks so much for all your interest in younity. If you feel there are other things that would make younity more valuable to you, please let us know. User feedback is a critical source of input on what to build. Thanks again.

-Erik Caso

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Just installed latest Younity for iPhone. How do I send music to chromecast? There doesn't appear to be any link.

Hi Lindsay,

We had a small bug fix we had to push to Google to resolve what you are seeing or, rather, what you were not seeing (a Chromecast icon). This has been resolved and you should now see a Chromecast icon on the music player, assuming a Chromecast is on the same network as your iPhone. It is possible that your Chromecast needs to be restarted in order to get the update we pushed to Google, but it should get this in short order regardless. Please let us know if you are still seeing any issues. Thanks and sorry for the trouble.

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