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Everything went fine when downloading and installing this software on both my ios device and Windows 7 - however - the videoplayer younity has does not have the airplay icon for streaming to my appletv. How can I airplay content using younity videoplayer without that icon? I´ve read some of the replies from consultants here and most imply that younity has an airplay function and it should work fine. Problem is, I just can´t find it... Little help thanks. Regards, Jāe
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Problem above has been fixed. It was my Ipads Airplay icon which didn't do it's job. Restarted the device and now it's working perfectly fine. However, I do have another question slightly related to this same topic. When I play a movie with soft-subs on younity videoplayer - the subs doesn't show even though there are options to either show subs or not. How do I get both movie and softsubs to play on younity without me having to hardsub the movie file. Help much appreciated, Thanks! Regards, Jāe
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