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Transcoding Options?

Hello! I'm testing the water here after my main iPhone app iSub seems to be dead in the water on iOS-8. I am concerned on the stream quality vs. data usage using Younity. Isub allowed me to choose or at least see the rate of the transcoding so I could control bandwidth overage. Can you tell me if there is a place to do that or see the rate? Can you tell me what the rate is if it is not changeable.

Thank you.


Same boat as you.

Though I used iSub primarily to cache albums before leaving the house, or over wifi remotely.

I actually found that download speeds were considerably faster when I turned off transcoding (except for FLAC).

I don't think Younity has transcoding options, at least none that I have found.


Unfortunately at this time we don't have any options to configure transcoding to control bandwidth usage.  

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