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Downloading an album to my iPhone

Why can't I download an entire album (i.e. folder) at one time from the PC using the iOS Younity app? If I select a folder the download button is grayed out. I need to open the folder and select each track individually.

It's a bit of a pain.

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Same question I have. Having music available offline, as well as documents is essential. Should be an easy change to allow for entire folders, playlists etc. to be downloaded.

We are planning on supporting this feature in the future.  Unfortunately for various reasons it's not as easy as it may seem to implement.  We have a long list of improvements that we are working on and that is definitely on the list.

At this time there is no estimated release date but we understand that this is something our users want and we do plan on implementing it.

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Hi Josephine, 

If you could open a support ticket on our support site we'd be happy to troubleshoot this problem and hopefully get it resolved quickly for you.

Just select the "New Support Ticket" link and fill out the form with as much detail about your issue as possible.  Once the ticket is submitted we'll be in touch directly with you to figure out what may be going on. 


-Carlotta Simonson

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