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1.8.3 Pros and Cons

Looks like 1.8.3 has started to provide some network drive functionality :) ?  I can now see songs on playlists and such from a Shared iTunes library.  However, I can't seem to get music to stream P2P over 3G (says resource not found or request timed out).  But...surprisingly video from the same library buffers and streams (a little).  Also, photos will stream in from a Shared iPhoto library.


Can you provide an update on what may or may not work in this update (or is there a problem with my setup)?

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Sorry, but we're only giving the illusion of network volume support in this case. :) Sorry about that. What we're actually doing is parsing your iTunes playlists and pushing them to our iOS app. We should only be pushing items that are part of your scanned locations in younity. As such, I can't explain what you're seeing without perhaps getting more info from you. If it's not too much trouble, would you mind sending the younity logs from your iOS device and your Mac/PC? That will automatically create a ticket in this support center and send you a notification e-mail. We will then follow up with you directly.


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