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Music player

This app is already doing a great job to play music without filling up my phone storage or requiring excessive cloud storage. I would love for this to become my primary music player. Additions I would like to see are the ability to play all tracks from an artist (not just one album at a time), timeline to skip forward and backwards through track, better recognition of compilation albums (seem to break the album into pieces based on artist), ability to build a playlist and random track play. Sounds like a lot, but this is just tweaks to an already clean and stable system.

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Hi Andrew, thank you very much for taking the time to give us your feedback.  I will make sure that the requests you have made are added to our backlog and considered for future releases.

We are always happy to get feedback from our users to help us improve the product.

Again thank you very much for taking the time and for being a younity user.

-Carlotta Simonson

Hi. I'd like to be able to shuffle all my songs in the player.
Hi,I'm having trouble streaming music files,and does this app stream hi res music files to the iPad ? Thanks!

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Hi Salvatore,

Could you please open a support ticket so that we can work directly with you and get your log files to help troubleshoot the problem you are seeing with streaming music files?

Thank you

-Carlotta Simonson

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