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Can younity play my songs straight through? How do I add album art?

Hi I downloaded some music onto younity and it's great but whenever I click a song, I would like it to start playing through all my songs like an ipod. Right now when I select a song and it ends, that's it. It just stops until I manually select another song. I press the shuffle button but it only has the song I've selected as an option. Is there a way to play through all my songs continuously? Also how do I download album art?

Hi Savannah unfortunately at this time we don't have the functionality you mentioned above (the album art or the playing through multiple songs).  We do have a ticket in our backlog to add it to a future release.  I realize that doesn't solve your problem right now but we hope you will stick with us as we work to improve our product.  We do support iTunes playlists at this time so if you use iTunes and create a playlist you can access your playlist through younity and play your songs that way.

Thank you for using younity and for your patience and feedback as we work to improve it.

Carlotta Simonson

Any development on this? Thanks

We are currently testing a version of younity that has improvements for associating album artwork with songs.  

I don't yet have an ETA for when it will release but we will have improvements when it does release.

Thank you

-Carlotta Simonson

There's a workaround In iTunes select all of your song files and create a new playlist with them
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