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Unable to view files after single/same sign-on authentication for all three devices

I just downloaded app on my iPhone 5, IPad 3, and my MacBook Pro.....I used one gmail account sign on for all three....although it says "scanning In Progress" on MacBook Pro only, why can't I see files between iPad and iPhone? By the way, all devices are connected to internet (WIFI)....
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What youre describing is normal. You should see files from your Macbook Pro on your iPhone and iPad shortly after the initial scan of your MBP is complete (you will see a little popup notification when it is complete).

younity does not currently support transferring files, or information about your files, between your iPad and iPhone. This is due to sandboxing limitations within iOS, rather than a deliberate choice on our part. We are nevertheless working on improving that as much as we can (stay tuned!).
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