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He, I've installed younity on a Mac and a PC. On my iPad I see only the PC, how can I see the Mac?


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Do things look any better now? If youre still having problems, and youre willing and able to do so, I recommend sending the log file from younity on both your iPad and your Mac. We will take a look. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for your patience.
I got this app for the soul purpose of pulling up all my pictures from the cloud on my Mac and iPhone. How do I do it. I don't see a clear answer. Thanks Bob

Hi Bob in order to help you with your particular issue we would like to you open a ticket within our system rather than troubleshooting it on the public forum.

If you could create a ticket we will get back to you and help you work through the issue you are having with your Mac not showing up in younity.

Thank you

-younity Support

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