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Installation confusion: tried to run younity while it is already running

Description:Installation was a bit confusing. I downloaded the software to my Mac, but then didn't know what to do next. Apparently the answer is 'nothing' :) but before figuring that out I double-clicked on the app a few times, dragged the icon from the Applications folder to my taskbar and clicked on it again, and finally gave up thinking it was broken. Then I started Younity on my phone and voila!

It's true, after installation you have to do 'nothing'. We'll work on making that a bit more clear. It sounds like your case would be helped if we added a message indicating that younity is already running if you try to run it again.

We'll slate this to be added sometime soon. Thanks for the feedback.
This is resolved as of the end of April update. We've incorporated improved feedback during installation and also post-installation. Lastly, if you try to install younity again or launch it while it is already running, you'll be notified that younity is already running.
Fixed in 1.3.1.
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