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Windows 7 does not go to sleep.

Description:My windows 7 machine will not go to sleep if Younity is running. Is there a solution for this guys? Dont want my battery to drain out.

Hi Mayur.

Sorry you're having trouble. younity is designed to prevent your computer from going to sleep, but only if it's on AC power. When on battery power, it should indeed allow the computer to sleep.

If you feel that younity is preventing your computer from sleeping while on BATTERY power, please re-attach the power cord for a minute or so, then remove it again, and then send us your log files.

You can send your logs by right-clicking the younity icon in the system tray, selecting Preferences, and then clicking "Send my logs to Entangled Media Support."

Thanks for your assistance.
I think that answers my question. It does go to sleep when not on power. Thanks for the information. Love the product!! Great stuff guys!!
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