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Uninstall on Win7x64

Description:I'm attempting to uninstall on Win7x64. I receive the error message:
Runtime Error (at 12:52): Could not call proc.


Sorry about that. And sorry to hear that you're 'leaving' us. If you don't mind telling us, we'd like to know why you're leaving, and what we could do to keep you as a user.

Regarding the uninstall issue itself....

This is a known issue with the uninstaller that is currently shipping. It is fixed in a new build we are currently testing, and which we plan to release soon.

To manually remove younity from your machine, please do the following:

1. Delete the following directory:

C:UsersYour UserAppDataLocalyounity

2. Delete the younity Program Group by right-clicking on Start->All Programs->younity and selecting 'Delete'.

Alternatively, you can delete the younity Program Group by deleting the following directory:

C:UsersYour UserAppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsyounity

3. Delete the younity Startup Item by right-clicking on Start->All Programs->Startup->younity and selecting 'Delete'.

Alternatively, you can delete the Startup Item by deleting the following file:

C:UsersYour UserAppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsStartup

Sorry for the inconvenience, and sorry we couldn't keep you as a user.
Hi Tim,

Just an update that this is fixed in our new 1.4.3 version, which was released yesterday. We'd love to have you back as a user.....

Best of luck either way.
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