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iPad sees files on laptop only; iPhone sees files on desktop only

Description:Registered a desktop, a laptop, an iPad and an iPhone. On all four devices Younity shows (under Settings/Preferences) all four devices registered. Still, the iPad can only see and access files on the laptop, and the iPhone can only see and access files on the desktop.

What's going on? Anybody know how to fix this?

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Hi Glenn. Thanks for your question, although sorry about the difficulty you are having. Let's see if we can sort this out with you.

Please open up younity on your iPhone and iPad and go to Settings. In addition to the devices being registered, does your device list show that those devices are available or unavailable? Please indicate if both laptop and desktop are available, but you still are only getting one computer per mobile.

If, for example, one is available and the other not available, it would make sense that you are only seeing files from one but not the other. If, however, both computers are available you should see the files from both.

If both devices are showing as available, and assuming that you don't see a "updating" indicator (which would imply that you are actively retrieving metadata from one of your computers), please let us know. If that is the case, we'll move forward to getting your error logs (done in the Settings menu in the upper right corner).

Thanks for your patience.
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