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Does not work at all. 3 albums are listed but no songs. No pictures or files of any sore. Please help

Description:installed program 4 days ago but simply nothing is working. iPhone 4S and two windows 7 laptops.
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Hi John. Sorry for the difficulty you are having. Lets see if we can get to the bottom of it. When you go to iPhone, does it show your two Win 7 laptops in the device list (go into younity, then Settings)? If so, does it show them as available? Lastly, are you seeing an "updating" message?

After you've registered your laptops, they will scan the hard drive and you'll get a popup message when younity is done. At that point, your phone can request the metadata from the laptops, assuming they are turned on.

If all the above is the case and you still do not see any files, please go into younity's Settings and click the email button in the upper right to send us your error logs.

Thanks for your patience.
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