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Cannot register Computer


I downloaded the younity app on my mac and on my ipad and although I'm able to enter the ipad app with my login and password I can't register my mac.

When I try I receive the following message

Hi Carol,

Sorry you're having problems. Are you sure you have typed your username and password correctly? They need to be the same username and password you used when creating your account on your iPad, of course.

You can easily reset your password by hitting the back button on the Registration dialog (the thing you took the screenshot of) and clicking "Forgot my password".

Once you've reset it, try registering your Mac again. If it still fails, we would like to see your log file. But if it's OK with you, let's see if this works before resorting to that.

Let us know how it goes, and thanks for your patience and assistance.
Hello, Mike.

I tried the same username and password.
Even reseting the password shows an error message.

I reinstalled the app but the problem persists.

Is there any other way?
Tnks for the help.

I think you will need to send us your log files. Unfortunately, since you haven't gotten as far as registering yet, you will need to e-mail them to us manually.

So, if you're willing, you will need to do the following. From Finder, navigate to:

Library/Application Support/younity

and e-mail to us the following file: YounityClient.log

If you can't see your Library directory under your home directory in Finder, do this:

From the Finder "Go" menu, select "Go to Folder..."

Type ~/Library and click Go

Now navigate to the log, and e-mail it to:

Sorry for all the manual steps, and for the hassle. If you're willing to send in your log, it will help us understand what's wrong.

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