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Music Stream doesn't work. I can open documents, but not photos neither music! What can I do?

Description:I can only open some documents in my iPhone, but no photos neither music. I installed younity 5 days ago now, and the scanning in my mac says that the scanning is complete!
How can I solve this?

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Hi Karen, sorry for the problems you are encountering. When you go into the Music view from the menu, do you see any music listed? What about the Photos view? Do you see your files listed, but simply can not stream them or are they not shown at all?

Also, next time you are in front of your computer, please send in your logs. That will help us find any errors. To do this, go to the menu (Mac) or systemtray (Win) and click the younity icon. Then select "Preferences" and lastly, select "Send your logs to Entangled Media".

Thanks for your patience and assistance in tracking down the issue.
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