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Younity says music files are "unavailable"

Description:Younity synced my entire music library (140+gbs) and kept it relatively organized but when attempting to access it on my mobile device (iPhone) most of the songs and albums say "this album/song is unavailable." What can I do to fix this? is it a syncing problem or a storage size problem? how would this be best resolved? Thank you.

Hi Jon. Sorry for the difficulty you are encountering, lets see if we can figure out the issue. If you see files as "unavailable", it typically means the device hosting them is not online. To check this, slide the screen over to younity's main menu and select "Settings". Then scroll down to the device list and see if the device(s) where your files are are available. If they are available, but your files are shown as unavailable, we have a problem. You should send in your error log by clicking the icon in the upper right of the Settings menu and we'll take a look.

If the device shows that it is unavailable and you know that it is in fact online and should be shown as available, then we should look at the log from that specific computer. To send that it, you would go to that device, click the icon in the menu (Mac) or taskbar (Win), then select "Preferences" and then select "Send your logs to Entangled Media".

I hope this helps. Please let us know what you find. Thanks.
Hi, I have the same problem. In installed Younity yesterday, the scan went off without a hitch, and all files were available. It rocked, I have to say. This morning, my iPad shows all files unavailable and both my macbook pro and my ipad are on line. I've sent logs to you, so looking forward to the verdict.

I have to say that I have seldom been so excited about a piece of software. When it loaded up and was working, I was just giggly. With the bugs solved, it should be epic.
Jon and David,

Are either of you still experiencing this problem?

No, she all seems to be working now. Looks good.

Thanks. Was it something I did?

Hi David, likely nothing you did. There are often little delays that, while only seconds, make things seem like they are not working at first glance. These crop up for a variety of reasons in rare circumstances. Things like iOS doing some network switching and younity has to wait, or other little things.

Sorry for your issue though and we're glad it is working well now. We look forward to your other feedback. Thanks.

Again today it isn't working; files are 'unavailable' on the iPad, though the iPad and the host Macbook are both online and have been for several hours.

Please advise.


Hi David, we are trying to sort out this issue. It might be that your younity client loses its connection with your other devices as you change networks over time (that's what we suspect). Can you try quitting younity on your computer and restarting it again. Then, after maybe 1-2 minutes, see if it is working fine? If you want to also send in your logs *prior* to quitting and restarting, that would be great. To do that, click on the younity icon, select Preferences, then "Send your logs to Entangled Media support".

Sorry for the trouble, but this is a really rare and intermittent problem. Thanks.
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