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Desktop Metadata Timeout

Description:Hi John, sorry about the issues you are seeing. Just to make sure we are on the same page, lets make sure your scans are complete.

1) If you go to your computer(s), hover your mouse over the younity icon in the menu (top menu on a Mac, taskbar on Win). Does it say 'scanning' or does it only indicate the version 'younity 1.4.3'? If your scan is not complete, how long do you think it has been scanning? Depending on your number of files, this may take several minutes to a few hours.

2) Assuming the computer scan is complete, go to your iOS device(s), open younity and then go to Settings. Do you see your computers listed in the device list? Are they listed as available?

3) On your iOS device(s), do you see the 'Updating' message on the screen? This suggests it is downloading metadata from your computer(s). This often takes 1-2 minutes, after which point it will have all that metadata (until younity is updated versions sometime in the future). Updating will pop up periodically as it checks for updates, but it only stays on your screen if there is metadata it is downloading.

If all I describe is working fine, lets take a look at your error logs. To access them from your iOS devices, go into younity's Settings menu and click the email button in the upper right corner.

Thanks for bearing with us as we try to understand exactly what you are seeing.

Note: This topic was created from a reply on the I've installed, and.... nothing. What's next? topic.

Sorry but your software doesn't work. I get nothing and I've done everything that you have written above. I've sent my logs but don't really expect that to help anything. My Mac is available over lan and Relay but I see nothing from the phone. All my scans are complete. I even had Spotlight re-index my internal drive. Still nothing. :-(

Sorry about the continued difficulties. From your iOS logs, it appears that we're failing to pull all of your file metadata from your desktop or laptop. I realize you've already done a lot, but if you are able, it would help us get to the bottom of this if you sent in your desktop logs.

To send your logs, click on the younity icon in the menubar (Mac) or System Tray (Windows), select "Preferences" and then "Send my logs to Entangled Media Support."

Thanks for your help. And sorry again about the problem. We'll get to the bottom of it as soon as we can.

I am also having trouble with this App and the amount of time it takes to scan my device.

I have a Macbook Pro and was waiting for the scanning to complete before installing on IOS. I left my Mac on (while scanning) for over 16 hours but the scan had still not completed. (My mac does appear in the preferences as a registered device)

If there are external drives and dropbox added to the sidebar of the finder will Younity try to scan those too? If so how do I make it scan my local drive only?

Please let me know if someone can help.



Sorry you're having problems. younity currently only scans under your home directory. Regardless, your scan should not take this long. If you don't mind, please send us your log file. To do that, click on the younity icon in the menubar, and then select Preferences. Then click on "Send my logs to Entangled Media Support."

Thanks for your reply, I have sent the logs. Will you be able to find which log files belong to my problem?

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