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Can't see files made in Libre Office or Microsoft Publisher

Description:Great app! Has the potential to solve all the workarounds to view files on the iPhone and iPad. However, I can't get Younity to open files created in Microsoft Publisher (.pub) or Libre Office Calc (.ods). I'm sure that will be true of the other Libre Office suite of matching apps. What to do? I'm using using Google Chrome in conjunction with Libre.

Hi Gary, thanks for the encouragement. Let me make sure I understand what you are seeing. Are you saying that the .pub and .ods files are not showing up in younity when you browse your files or that they do indeed show up when you browse your files, but you are not able to open them on your iPhone/iPad? Thanks.
I can see the files. They cannot be opened.
Hi Gary. We're looking into this more, but I don't believe iOS supports those file types. younity itself is not a file viewer, thus we rely on the file types natively supported by iOS. This includes a wide variety of file types, but I'm not able to confirm there is native support for .ods and .pub files. Sorry if this is the case.

Let me ask this: when you try to open them, what do you get? If you get an blank/empty file, are you able to tap the screen and see the onscreen controls? If so, you may be able to get the file to you phone via younity, then open those files (using our icon with an arrow in the lower right of the screen) in an application that supports the file type, such as Quick Office.

If you don't want to test that out, you can email a couple of mocked-up .ods and .pub files to us at 'support [at]'? you can just label them 'test' and I can work through a few things to see if they are able to be streamed to younity and opened by other software on your phone via an export.

Thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience.
How can I send you screen shots from my iPad and the files themselves?
To take a screen shot, press the top lock button and home button simultaneously.
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