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Displayed files are out of date

Description:After reinstalling the IOS app, I can now see some of my files on my phone. The problem is that what shows up is out of date. I cannot find any way to manually rescan my computer. Can this be done? Does the program regularly scan for changes automatically? How often?

Hi Bob,

younity constantly monitors for changes, though it may take a few minutes for any given change to propagate all the way to the iOS app. If you've waited a while, and you still don't see a given change, it would be good to send the logs from both iOS and your computer.

This has happened to me also. Is there a manual way we can update? The relay on my iphone is red is this the reason why? How do I fix this?
We pushed an update today that we hope resolves this issues. Please let us know if you still see any files/updates that are out of date. These should occur in near real-time, thus any file you change on a computer should be known to younity within a minute or so when you open younity on your mobile device.
I deleted a significant number of mp3 and wmv files from my computer (old radio spots for work), however, they are still appearing on my iPad. Now that those unwanted files are gone from my computer, will the deletion of these files propagate all the way to the iOS app eventually? I do not want these files on my mobile devices either...
Hi Elaine,

Still red? Or is it different if you look now.

Sorry you are having problems. If it's not too much trouble, would you mind sending the logs from your computer and your iPad?

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