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I just can't get Younity going no matter what I try - is there a manual

Description:I have enabled everything on my two computers yesterday. I stil can't see anything today on my iPad and iPhone. What I can see under music, which is about 4 items, I've never heard of. When I choose anyone of these items the system just says albums are not available. I can't seem to find any instructions as to how the service is used. Unfortunately a manual is necessary as although at a high level what you say Younity is about sounds good at a low level, rubber meets the road scenario the rubber is not meeting the road and without a manual I have no idea what you do or why the rubber isn't meeting the road.

Hi Kerry, sorry you are frustrated, but lets see what the issue is. From each of your computers, lets have a look at your error logs. To get those, go to the younity icon, then select "Preferences", then click "Settings", then select "Send your logs to Entangled Media Support." That will tell us if your scan had any trouble.

From your mobile devices, if you go into the younity menu and then Settings, what do you see in your device list at the bottom of that page? It should list your computers and all other devices on your account. If you see your computers, does it say they are available?

Lets start there and see if we narrow down the issue. Thanks and we appreciate your patience.

Sorry it’s taken me a while to respond. I did finally get Younity to operate but the client software is very flaky and it’s like you had to kick the car a few times to get it to work. It’s not overly intuitive and I’d say not easily understood what the product is but I figured it out.

However, I decided I couldn’t use it when I saw what it was taking on my CPU. It’s using tons of CPU cycles for no reason. I don’t like that at all.
Hi Kerry, we're seeing one of two things: 1) younity is not yet done scanning your computer; or 2) younity is strangely broken on your computer.

#1 seems more likely given that you are not seeing files on your mobile. Strictly speaking, you computer OS hands younity resources to do things. During the initial scan it will use up as much CPU as the OS hands it. What your screen shot shows is quite normal (you'll notice your web browser may use more than that if you are running video content of have a Flash player active). The initial scan typically only takes minutes, but is determined by: 1) the number of files; and 2) the speed of your computer. On my 2 year old iMac it takes about 20 minutes for it to scan almost 30K files (about 1TB of content).

Once the scan completes, younity should almost never use more than about 0.1-0.3% of your CPU.

#2 is possible (after all this is software). The only way we could tell would be for you to send in your logs.

How it works should be pretty straight forward once your scan is done and your mobile devices are connected - you open the app and simply choose what files you want to access. However, if you are ready to call it quits, we understand. Thanks for your time and patience.
I reinstalled Younity on my Mac. After I saw the above and it was finished indexing, I quit the app and restarted and now its not taking a pile of resources. Exactly what you said it would.

So I installed Younity on my iPad again. It said it was doing updating, then that stopped and I went to check what was on there and there wasn’t anything. How long is it supposed to take to appear on the iPad. I did get that far the other night. By taking my MacBook Air out of the loop and only having my iMac running it did display stuff. The funny thing is I went to play music and the controls took time to work; disappeared; reappear and eventually I was able to stream music to my stereo and AppleTV.

I have to run out for a few minutes. I’ll see what’s what when i get back and let you know.
Hi Kerry, we first need the scan to finish on your computer. Once that is done, younity should stop using much of any resources/CPU on your computer and you can use younity on your mobile devices.

The first time you open younity on your mobile (after your scan completes) it should show that it is "Updating...", which indicates it's downloading your file information from your computer. Using myself as the example, it takes my iPhone about 2 or so minutes to get all my 30K files worth on information. From that point on, younity on your mobile and on your computer is not doing much unless you unregister and reregister a device (thus wiping everything out) or add huge amounts of new files (e.g. you connect a new external drive with lots of files on it).

Just to be sure we mention it, your computers need to be on for younity to access them. If you find that things are unresponsive, best first step is to go into the "Settings" menu on your iPad/iPhone and see if your computers are "Available".

Once you get it set up, cool things to check out (in my opinion anyway) are your playlists in Music, you can watch or even share your videos, you can even share files with your Facebook friends and they can see them privately in Facebook.

Let us know if problems persist - we're here to help.

It's weird. Younity has fully scanned the PC. I get updating all the time for a few seconds on the iPad but there is nothing in any group. No photos or anything.

I can't figure it out as it seems very straight forward but I just am getting no where.

The other night I did get music files and decided to stream them to the stereo to see what they were like. I would eventually be able to get it going but I had to keep hitting the button over and over then it would play.
I’m determined to get this going as it doesn’t make sense what’s happening. It seems so straightforward. It show in the icon on the iMac that it was scanning. Now it just gives you the version number so that’s well completed.

The iPad keeps saying updating but it doesn’t show you anything. I’ve played around as much as I can with the settings. I’ve closed the app. It’s a fresh install of the iPad app today. I suppose I could remove it and put it back on and see if that would do anything.

I’m not sure what to do as it appears I’m doing everything right.
Lets start with your log files. They will tell us if something is broken, like the devices can't talk to one another or things like that.

On your iMac, click on the younity icon ->Preferences->Settings->"Send your logs to Entangled Media Support".

On your iPad, go to Settings, scroll to bottom and "Send us your logs!".

This should promptly tell us what is wrong. Thanks.
I'll do that now. I was looking at the availability in settings and the iMac says its available over Relay which I don't know what that means. It did switch to available over LAN so I went back and looked at the various items and nothing.
The log files from both the Mac and the iPad have been sent.
I tried de-registering and re-registering the iPad. Everytime it starts up it says updating then I check and nothing. In the choice panel it just keeps running updating, stops for a bit then runs updating. Is this normal.
I don't understand why the iPad keeps saying its updating and I'm getting nothing. Should I just deinstall everything on the Mac using Cleanapp and reinstall or de-register everything and re-register. This is very unusual behavior.

Sorry for the confusion. I sent you an e-mail with further instructions. Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience.
Mike that resolved the problem. Now everything is showing on my iPad.

I just have to figure out how I'll use Younity now. I'm going to load my iPhone with the app now and make sure that runs but I'm sure it will. I'm guessing with this if I wanted to show people, as an example, pictures when I'm out and about I'd be able to do that as long as my iMac is running.

I don't quite know how you'd use files on your iPhone from your iMac when your remote or your iPad. I'll have to explore the capabilities a bit.

It doesn't seem to be interfering with the function of the device though at all.

Thanks for your help.

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