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Strange Behaviour - Younity Windows (XP) Client

Description:Greetings to all!

After "pin pointing" the services running in my Desktop computer (oun Windows XP SP3), I came to a strange behaviour that happens when Younity is active in the background for a long time.

All "double-clicks" get disabled. Whenever I try to double-click any icon in my desktop area or even an executable (in File Manager), or even drag and drop something from here to there, it doesn`t work.

I've been rebooting my desktop with this and that service on and off, for some days, until I finally found that whenever Younity is active for some time (after scanning all the volumes), this behaviour starts to happen.

Does anybody have the same problem, or any ideas?
Thanks in advance,


If it's not too much trouble, would you mind sending the younity logs from your PC? We will take a look. Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience.
Done. I've clicked "Send your logs" and there it goes! No filenames, no e-Mail address. I believe you have the files now...

I took a look at your logs and don't see anything unusual yet. Would you mind letting younity run in the background until the problem re-occurs? Then would you please run Task Manager and let us know how much CPU younity is using?

If that's not too much trouble, it might help us out. Until then, we will keep looking into your logs to see if we can find any issues. Thanks very much for your continued patience and assistance.
Greetings again!
Well, I just let Younity running on the background and after a few minutes, the problem happened again. Checking the active Services and Processes, Younity had for CPU the value of 14%, and Memory 143,748 K. I believe these are "normal" values, but have no idea why this problem occurs only when Younity is working for some time...

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