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Email address not registered.

Description:I registered my email address on your website and installed on my MAC. Then on my iPad. Finally got around to logging in on my iPad and the system has no clue who I am. Says there is no one with my email address registered. So I went to see what email my MAC was logged into and I was correct. I keep all my logins in a directory and I never have a issue.

Hi Daniel, on the first device you registered, it should have indicated it sent you an email verification. Did you get that email and use it to verify your email? It sounds as if the email was not verified, thus it doesn't know who the user account is. Let me know if that is not the case and we'll try to see what the issue could be. Thanks for your patience.
There was no email sent. I live in my email and check spam all day also just because of reasons like this. I checked again right now and there is nothing from your company. I checked Entangled Media and Younity and around the date that I setup the account. The Get Satisfaction reply comes up but nothing else.

Since this discussion involves personal information, please send an e-mail to and we will explain the issue. Thanks.
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