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Unable to Rename Files and Folders on PC While Younity Is Running

Description:Bug with the 1.6 update keeps my files and folders from being renamed when Younity is on. Secondly, it is concerning that Younity is accessing my D:/ drive files and folders when the only locations I have chosen for the app to access are on different drives.


Sorry you're having problems. If you don't mind sending the younity log from your PC, it would help us understand the issue better.

Regarding the rename issue. Can you be more specific about which files, or types of files, can't be renamed? Is it possible to do a little test, and create a simple file in a directory you know younity is monitoring, and then try to rename it?

Regarding the D: drive issue. If you open the Preferences dialog, and go to the Locations tab, do you see the D: drive listed there? If it is, you simply need to remove it and click Save Changes. Don't forget to click the Save Changes button.

If you don't see the D drive listed in Preferences -> Locations, how is it that you think younity is scanning it? Do you see the D: drive listed in Settings in the younity iOS app, or is something else giving you the indication?

Hi Mike,

All files and folders in my D: drive cannot be renamed whether it is within a folder or at the top of the directory while younity is running. I used a system utilities application called File Monitor or "FileMon" to locate what processes were running on my D drive. In Preferences -> Locations, I only have my C: drive and H: drive "external" listed for younity to scan. Younity iOS does not have the D: drive listed either. Upon further testing, I discovered the problem is now occurring on all my hard drives. I would think this problem would have come to light sooner if it did in fact start when younity ver. 1.6 was installed so it must be a change in my system that caused this bug to reveal itself. I just restarted younity so I will hold off on sending my logs for an hour so that it can populate more information.
I would like an update on this issue's status. It is affecting the service not only because of the security concerns but also whenever the younity application has to restart after closing to modify filenames, the links to my playlists are broken and thus have to be duplicated so that younity can find them again. Any chance this problem has a solution? Thank you


Unfortunately the rename operation is still "blocked" when younity is running. I've gotten it to allow name changes briefly by uninstalling and reinstalling while moving the .younity folder around, but the problem comes back whenever I try modifying folder names on the same drive that has the .younity folder. When the problem shows itself in the drive with the .younity folder, then the rest of the drives on my computer show the same symptom. I brought up the playlist issue because I have gotten the playlists to work, but they are touchy when younity is ever restarted. Thus having to shut down younity while modifying file names is hindering me from maintaining my synced playlists. Once again, thank you for your quick response.
Looking for an update on this issue. Are you able to locate what is causing this to happen? Thanks


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