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Songs won't finish playing

Description:Everything with Younity has been working great for me except for when I want to view or listen to anything using Younity. About halfway through any music file, the song will automatically restart itself but the time counter will continue. So while the song will actually be at 0:04, the time counter will show 2:30, etc. Furthermore, I am unable to fast forward or rewind and the app becomes unresponsive to all of my requests except the BACK option in the top left corner.


Sorry about that. If it's not too much trouble, would you mind sending the younity log from your iOS device? That will help us diagnose the problem. To do so, just go to the younity Settings view and click 'Send logs'. Thanks.

We just took a look at your logs. Unfortunately we do not officially support iOS7 and there are a few known issues we're working on. We plan on on having these issues fixed when iOS7 is available to the general public. Thanks for your patience.
Mike & Dan,

Marvelous, thank you for the speedy support.
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