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.epub books on my OS X machine do not seem to show up in the iOS app. Why?

 cant seem to see epub files from my Windows client on my iPhone.

Also would like to know what video file types show up in directory.

Right now I cant give this a good review because I cant see what file types are supported.

I saw a post about a white list of files from 9 months ago but I cant find THAT list anywhere,,, Does it exist yet?

I'm sorry you can't see your .epub files on iOS. At this time we don't support epub files. I'll make sure to make a note about it.
Hi Dan,

I get that.

I'm sure there are hundreds of formats you do not support, likely will never support and probably should not support. (Opening .epub, for example, would be a very poor use for the application...)

The problem is not that you don't support them -- it's that files which you do not support are invisible and there is no way to open them in another application.

The real problem is hiding files you don't support.

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