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High CPU Utlization

Description:My MacBook Pro 13" had its fan running high and was responding sluggishly. When checking for the culprit, I found that Younity was running at over 100% of the available CPU.

I tried quitting the client from the menubar, which did not work so I had to force quit.

On restarting Younity, CPU is jumping as the scan updates but only occasionally into the high levels.

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Hi Bernard, obviously younity should not be doing that. When it does its initial scan of your hard drive, it will indeed use as much CPU as the *OS* hands it (in most cases that is about 100%). That should stop within minutes though and after that it should never even get to 1% utilization.

If you don't mind, send in your desktop computer logs by going into the younity icon->Preferences->Settings->Send Entangled Media your error logs. We'll see if anything is in there. Otherwise, please do let us know if that happens again.

Sorry for your trouble. Hopefully it was an anomaly. We appreciate your patience. Thanks.
Thanks for your reply. I have persisted with Younity but have now given up after several of these CPU spikes.

When Younity was consuming 100% CPU, I was not even able to get the the option to send you logs, so I guess it will just have to be a mystery...
Sorry to hear the CPU problems have persisted Bernard. I wish we could provide more feedback, but we don't seem to be encountering this much. If there is anything you think we can do to help you further, we're here to help in any way we are able to. Thanks.
I have the same cpu load issue, it does not get below 90% even after multiple restarts of the application. Machine: MacBook Air
Hello Yazdan, younity should only be using your CPU during a file scan (e.g. when you install and register on your computer). During that time, it will use about 100% of your CPU. However, it should stop spiking your CPU and use roughly 0.1-0.3% of your CPU once the file scan is done. Is your CPU getting spiked like that when younity is not scanning your computer?

The scan should take anywhere from maybe 10 minutes to much more - it depends on how many files you have and how fast/old your computer is.

Lastly, if you restart younity while it is performing a scan, it will restart the scan each time.

Let us know what is happening so we can see if this is normal or a bug. Thanks.

I have this problem as well.  150% utilization is a consistent reading in Activity Monitor for OS X.

I am WAY past the scanning stage.  So I'm not sure why younity is requiring so much CPU time.

I'm rebooted with no change to the issue.

What should be the next step?  I'd like to have to not remove this very wonderful program.  

To repeat what Erik said, younity will indeed consume a lot of resources (all we can get) during both an initial file scan, and during subsequent scans after we've been notified that something has changed on disk. Usually the subsequent scans are pretty quick, and only the initial scan will "peg" the CPU for any extended period.

However, if you feel that is not the case, the best thing to do is to send us your younity log file while the CPU utilization is high. To send your logs, just click the younity icon in the System Tray (Windows) or menubar (Mac) and click Preferences. Then click Settings. Then click "Send your logs to Entangled Media Support".

Sending your logs will result in a support ticket being created, which will allow us to contact you and followup with any questions or insights.

Thanks in advance for your assistance and your patience. -- Mike


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