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Younity misses files out

Description:Trying younity - it does not seem to list all the files I have in Folders. e.g. ".key" and ".dat" files don't appear. And Keynote files at least are displayable by iOS!

Hi Karl, thanks for your question. younity does not stream .dat, .key or other system and configuration files - they are not usable within iOS. younity instead focuses on media and document formats. Currently, younity supports several hundred common file types for documents, audio, video and photo; this list grows regularly to include less common file types that we have not yet included. Hope that helps answer your question. Thanks again.
Actually .key is a new format Keynote file, and IOS can view them just fine.
e.g. I can download the SAME FILE in goodreader and view it

Thanks for pointing this out Karl, we'll add it to our whitelist of files and get it in the next version (coming out in a couple of weeks). Like I said, we try to support almost everything, but things fall through the cracks, especially with new formats. We'll get it in there quickly though and you should see it show up after your next update. Thanks for your patience.
You are welcome. But why not just show ALL files by default? One can always hand them over to another app.
*All* files include many, many things that are not really files - configuration files, system files, side-car files, code-related files, hidden files you may not normally see on a desktop and many other file types that are not usable and simply create noise while browsing a mobile interface. Obviously, mobile is very different from desktop, thus it is important to prevent the UI from being rendered useless. By whitelisting, we can get all your usable files (if we miss one as we have in your case, we simply add it) and ensure that your UI is kept clean and focused on usable content.

Hope that helps understand our reasoning. Thanks again for your input.
True, but it would be nice to have the option.

I'd also like to be able to sort file lists by different criteria - such as date. Consider that a feature request

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