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Younity installed, no files visible: Win 8 with external drive and iPhone 4S

Description:I have Younity installed on a Windows 7 laptop, Windows 8 desktop, and an iPhone 4S. The laptop's out of the picture right now, and the desktop is new this week. I installed Younity a couple of days ago.

My user directory is on C, but I have re-assigned my folders My Documents, My Pictures, My Videos to directories on my D drive, an external USB 2.0 hard drive (actually, a second generation Drobo). Younity said it had finished scanning the C drive almost immediately...that didn't make sense, as there are about 2.7 TB on the Drobo.

So I explicitly added D: to the locations to scan.

A day or so later, still nothing shows up in my iOS app, no songs, no videos, and no files. In the Files section, it shows folders Desktop, Downloads, and my computer name. When I go into the computer name, no files or folders are shown. I do have Folders First turned on in the app settings.

I did see that your v1.5 app, released in May, added the ability to assign directories and external drives to be scanned younified, and i saw this other thread that seemed relevant:

That external drive function doesn't seem to be working in this case.

Is this expected behavior? If not, what can I do to troubleshoot?

It does not matter whether my iOS device is on the same wifi network as the desktop. No visible files.
Edwin, would you mind sending the younity log file from the PC to which the external drive is attached? You can do that by clicking on the younity icon in the System Tray, then clicking Preferences, then Settings. Then click "Send my logs to Entangled Media Support."

Tonight, on returning home to my desktop computer, the Younity application seemed to have somehow quit. So I started it again, then sent you the logs.

An hour or so later, away from my home wi-fi, I checked the Younity app on my iPhone, and it was showing files! More filenames were coming in as I explored what was available, but, I'd have been surprised if all my files' names etc. were all available right away in the app.

When I returned home again later, Younity was still running on my desktop, and I sent you the logs again, figuring something must have changed since the last time I'd sent the logs.

I also noticed two things:

1) video can't be streamed over cellular data. Can that be offered as a user preference?

2) my Drobo was being used at around 90+%. Younity reports that it is scanning. Is that disk usage from Younity's scanning?


1) Sorry, but we cannot currently stream video over cellular. This is in order to comply with Apple's rules. We are looking into a future enhancement that will allow this, but it is not available at this time. Sorry about that.

2) younity does indeed create some supporting files on your drives. For example, younity transcodes audio and video to make otherwise unsupported formats playable on your iOS device. To do that, it transcodes a secondary file and stores it in its cache directory. younity retains these files so that the source files do not need to be re-transcoded for subsequent playback. These supporting files are only created on demand and should occupy only a small fraction of the volume of original source media on a given drive.

We hope that answers your questions, and we're glad things are working for you.
I have kind a same question, I am connected to wifi router, with both my laptop and Ipad, but beside of name of artists and albums, i can not see anything in my Ipad. for example I have around 100 pictures in my Laptop, but I cant see them in Ipad, the folder is empty.
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