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Description:I wish to reinstall.but can not. I still have a problem on my HP laptop. I am unable to use younity or delete it. HELP. I have asked several times.

Hi Vic,

Sorry you're having problems. First, what is the problem that is making you want to reinstall. Reinstalling the desktop application very rarely has any impact on the problem you might be experiencing.

So let's start there, if it's OK with you. Thanks.
Having said that, if you wish to re-install, the installer will prompt you to quit younity if it is already running. I assume the problem lies there, but please provide some additional information about exactly what younity is telling you.

@Mike Abraham I am also experiencing the same problem with trying to uninstall younity I have tried everything you have said above and i still have the program will not uninstall it seems to be a catch 22 when i attempt to uninstall the program label appears at the bottom of the screen so then an error message appears saying the younity is still running and to right click the icon and choose quit.. but when i right click the icon the only option is close window! When i try to close window nothing happens because the window that is open with younity open is the same window i am using to try and uninstall the thing!! the same situation appears when i try to uninstall manually because when i go to task manager it seem that younity is not running and the only time that it is running is when i am trying to uninstall it. So when i click end task in task manager it says that the system can not end this task as it is waiting for a response from you.... Then if i respond to the first error message and try to quit younity all i get is the same option to close window and dose nothing!! i am going round in circles here please give me a solution

Shaun W

I'm sorry you're experiencing this problem. We're looking
into it, but for now, to manually uninstall younity, I recommend you do
the following:

1. Delete the following directory:


2. Delete the younity Program Group.

3. Delete the younity shortcut from the Startup Program Group.

That's all.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

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