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How to uninstall?

Description:I tried to uninstall, but says running. It worked on my phone and a dell computer, but not on my HP laptop. What to do?

Hi Vic,

Sorry that you're having difficulties, and sorry that you're uninstalling. We'd like to keep you as a user if we could, or at least understand why you're unhappy with younity. If you feel like telling us, please reply or e-mail

Regarding uninstall, I assume you've run the uninstaller on Windows. After that, how does it appear to still be running? If you see an icon in the system tray, please pass your mouse over it and see if it disappears. Sometimes the icon 'sticks around' after the app is actually uninstalled (this is a bug in Windows that affects most applications).

If younity still appears to be running after all of that, let us know and we'll walk you through manually uninstalling.

Or better yet, don't uninstall at all! Keep using younity! :)
I have YOUNITY on my iphone/ipad/dell pc and do not want to drop it. However, something is wrong on my HP laptop as when I try to uninstall (with intension to reinstall) it says that it is running. The laptop is not synced to other devices. Can you please help me to unitall it on my laptop. Thanks in advance for your help.
Hi Vic, thanks for clarifying. Not sure why it wouldn't install, but lets try to sort it out. Not sure which version of Windows you have installed, but for XP-7, here are the steps to follow (I am admittedly not very familiar with Win 8, so let me know if that is what you are using):

1) Click on the application icon in your system tray;
2) If you see "Unregister Device", select that and proceed to unregister the laptop from your account, however it sounds like you are describing it not being registered so this probably doesn't apply;
3) Again, select the application icon and select "Quit younity";
4) Now proceed to your Windows Control Panel, then to "Uninstall a program" (under "Programs");
5) Right-click on 'younity' and select "Uninstall" (may take many seconds before it begins the process);
6) Reboot (this is just a precaution).

Please let us know if this fails at any point. If younity is indeed still running, you can send us your error logs, but it should uninstall fine like any other program on your computer.

Again, sorry for the difficulty and we hope we hope we can sort out any further problems you have. Thanks for your patience.
Hello there.
It seems i have the same issue. I want to uninstall Younity on my PC, so i have to unregister by clicking on younity icon in system tray. But no "unregister device" mention appears when i click on the icon. Nothing seems to happen.
No pb on the mobile, but how can i unregister on the PC ? Thanks for your help.
Hi. When you click on the younity icon, what options are listed? If you don't see an "Unregister Device" option, do you see a "Register Device" option? Please list out what you see so we can try to track down the status of that device. Thanks and sorry for the difficulty.
The icon is in the tray of my HP laptop. When I put the cursor on the icon, there are NO options. When I try to uninstall, it says it is running so can not be uninstalled. It does link to my Dell Computer and Iphone and IPAD. I have had this problem for a long time.
When you put the mouse over the icon, did you right-click the icon to get the menu or did you just hover the mouse over the icon? To get the menu, you must right-click the icon.

It is not possible to uninstall any application that is running. So first, click the icon and unregister. Then click the icon again and select "Quit". They go to the Windows Program Manager and uninstall in the same manner as all other programs. Let us know if this is not possible for some really.
When I click on icon - with right or left click, there are no options.

Sorry about this. Since you want to reinstall, the best thing to do is just terminate younity manually. To do that, open TaskManager, select the Applications tab, and look for 'younity'. Select it and click the End Task button.

Even after the task has been ended, you will continue to see the younity icon in the system tray. To remove it, just slide your mouse across it once or twice -- this is an issue with Windows, not younity.

Once the icon has been removed from the system tray, you can reinstall.

Let us know how it goes. Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience.
It did not work.
Hi Vic,

Sorry, but could you please be more specific? What didn't work? Do you not see younity in the Task Manager, or does terminating the app not work?

@Mike Abraham I am also experiencing the same problem with trying to uninstall younity I have tried everything you have said above and i still have the program will not uninstall it seems to be a catch 22 when i attempt to uninstall the program label appears at the bottom of the screen so then an error message appears saying the younity is still running and to right click the icon and choose quit.. but when i right click the icon the only option is close window! When i try to close window nothing happens because the window that is open with younity open is the same window i am using to try and uninstall the thing!! the same situation appears when i try to uninstall manually because when i go to task manager it seem that younity is not running and the only time that it is running is when i am trying to uninstall it. So when i click end task in task manager it says that the system can not end this task as it is waiting for a response from you.... Then if i respond to the first error message and try to quit younity all i get is the same option to close window and dose nothing!! i am going round in circles here please give me a solution

Shaun W

I'm sorry you're experiencing this problem. We're looking into it, but for now, to manually uninstall younity, I recommend you do the following:

1. Delete the following directory:


2. Delete the younity Program Group.

3. Delete the younity shortcut from the Startup Program Group.

That's all.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

I've had the same problem and just worked out how to fix it. Go to your task bar and on the right hand side click on the small arrow pointing up.

You will find younity there then right click on that and you will see quit. do that then click on start then click control panel and find and delete younity.

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