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Installed Y on win7 and on IPhone 5 - no files are showing up on the Iphone after the Scan is completed on my Win7 computer

Description:Installed Y on win7 and on IPhone 5 - no files are showing up on the Iphone after the Scan is completed on my Win7 computer

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Sorry about that.

If you go into younity settings on your iPhone, do you see your Windows 7 PC in the device list? If so, does it say it's available?

If the PC shows as available, do you see a little 'updating' spinner in younity on your iPhone? If you do, you just need a wait a bit longer for your file metadata from your PC to appear.

If you don't, I recommend sending the logs from younity on your iPhone.
I've run into the same issue. Before this week I had no problem accessing my files. This week - nothing. For some reason there are a few files showing in music and video, but if I try to access them, it crashes the app...
i have just signed up about 10 min ago. I pointed Younity at my 700gb drive and said scan. It told me it did so.
I can see the drive on my iphone. However, when i start to navigate the tree there is nothng there. No files. No music etc. am i doing something wrong? Does it take a day to sync or is this a bug??

I suspect that the scan was still in progress when you launched younity on your iPhone. A file scan of a large external drive could take more than 10 minutes, though not an entire day.

Try launching younity on your phone again and see if you see anything now. If not, please send the log from younity on your iPhone and desktop/laptop. Thanks!
Same thing here
The locations II set up on my desktop have been scanned and show as "available"
However, when I attempt to stream files on my iPad I see the folders [locations] but no files shown in any of them. Help?

Sorry that you're having problems. Your log files suggest that data from some of your volumes was sent successfully to your iPad, but that several were still in the process of being scanned at the time. If you look at the Files view in younity on your iPad, do you see any of the folders or files from your PC?

Folder yes. Files no. I also noticed this morning when I booted up younity shows scanning again. Is this something that happens every boot up?

Yes, younity rescans your machine each time the machine is restarted. It needs to do this to determine what new or changed file information exists. This is normal and should not impact your machine's performance. Thanks.
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