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Why the bad UX?

Description:Sounded like a great idea, but sadly it falls short on 2 fronts specifically: 1. very poor UI (remember it is all about the UI and UX); Dropbox excels at this. 2. very slow to access media files... music is OK, video takes too long to play or never plays in most cases. Perhaps younity was designed for when we have universal 100MB bandwidth. Would love to see this deliver on its promise.


Thanks for the feedback. We appreciate it.

Sorry to hear that you are not pleased with our UI. It, like the rest of younity, is something on which we work very hard, and to which we make continual improvements. We are often complimented on it, in fact. We will continue to make it, and the rest of younity, the best it can be, and the best of its kind.

Regarding video playback, it depends upon a lot of factors, not least of which is your network environment. Playback should be speedy when you're on the same wifi network as your source computer. Playback will be inevitably slower when on different networks. Having said that, we test (and watch) HD movies often, and without issue, using younity.

Thanks again for your feedback. If you are so inclined, please keep using younity and keep us up to date with your experience.
Hi Mike,

My devices are on the same wifi network.

Here's what I specifically mean by UI/UX problems (on iOS7). When I click on the Music icon in younity, I see my music as it is set up in iTunes... by Artist, Album, Playlist, etc. But when I go to the Photos or Video icon I see all kinds of miscellaneous stuff... Data folders, source files, etc. etc. It takes several touches before I get to actual photos/videos for playback. Also, younity scans 'everything and everywhere' on my HD... it would be nice to be able to be selective.

Good point about the Video view -- we are working to do more metadata integration to present things better. Ditto the playlist and podcasts views in Music. The Photos view currently shows all folders that contain any supported image type, not just true 'photos'. We are considering some modifications there that could selectively prune the non-photo images out, but obviously there are some trade-offs there.

Finally, you can select what locations you want younity to manage. Just click on the younity icon on your Mac menubar or PC system tray and select Preferences. From there you can adjust the folders younity scans. Your HOME directory is included by default.
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