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More descriptive error when computer is unavailable/offline

Description:Right now, the mobile application displays "Error: File not found" when the computer daemon is not running. Having the daemon alert the Younity network that it is quitting safely could allow a customized message such as, "hey, your computer is off or the daemon isn't running" or something.

Or just a general error message stating you could have issues with network connectivity or something....specialized messages would be more helpful in users troubleshooting though.

Agreed. This is currently in development and hopefully improves significantly in the near future.
Younity is currently turned off on my Mac, but my files still show up on my iPhone. When I go to play a song there is no message telling me I can't -- I can press play but, obviously :), nothing happens.

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My iPhone doesn't know when Younity isn't running on my computer.
younity will now notify you if a device is offline. You can see this in one of two ways:

1) while looking at any file, if it is unavailable it will be grayed out and will have a notification near the file name indicating it is not available;

2) if you go to "Settings" and look at "Devices", it will indicate if devices are online and how younity is connected to them.
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