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Load all my album art

Description:I've noticed younity only loads album art for albums I've listened to. It would be nice if it loaded all my album art from the onset.

We are working on improving this now. We hope to have all album art pre-loaded in a near-term release.
Is this why I see some album cover under Music but not others or am I doing something wrong? What is the criteria for some album art to show but not others (even the 2nd album by an artist but not the first)
Hi Michael, younity currently loads album art as you open albums. For example, if you go to an artist it may show several albums for that artist. When you select one, it will load that specific album's art. There is a bit of a lag to this, perhaps 2-3 seconds in most cases. We are working to change this to load it all by default, but as you might imagine this will likely increase the initial load time for getting younity set up on your mobile device. If I recall correctly, the current version will begin loading all the album artwork that is in view if you go into the Albums view. If you open that view, you may notice multiple albums load at once.

Hope that helps clarify how things are working. Let us know if we can provide further information. Thanks.
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