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Please let me delete files and create playlists

Description:some of my files are duplicates and I have accidentally added both. now extra memory is being taken up. I need to be able to delete files with ease. also I have found the desire to create playlists on the go and I become disappointed that I cannot. please take these features into consideration.

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Hello Broseph, thanks for your suggestions. We've discussed the deleting of files from iOS before and have that under consideration, although we have not yet put it on the roadmap with an official date.

You mention "extra memory being taken up." Just to clarify, we don't store anything on your phone, so no memory is being taken up. Of course, you may have duplicates on your computer(s), but that is a separate issue. Just making sure you know that the duplicates will not impact your phone.

Creating playlists is a good idea, but potentially a bit harder. We would like to do this as well, and will consider it sometime in the near future.

Lastly, we should break these suggestions out separately, so others can vote on them. If you'd like to do that, go ahead. If you don't want to, I can do it, but it will tie my name to it instead of yours - I don't want to take any good ideas away from you ;)

Thanks again for the great ideas.
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