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Selective directory / file type indexing

Description:Allow users to limit directories or file types indexed, similar to the way most consumer online backup services now work. Many people probably keep work, personal, confidential, extraneous, etc. files stored on their computers and devices -- and don't necessarily want or need access to all those files. You'd reduce the clutter for users looking for specific files, and broaden the possibilities for your app to be used in targeted situations (accessing music, sharing work documents, and so forth).

We're putting this into consideration for a future release. Thanks for the suggestion.
I second this idea! I read about your product online and thought I would give it a try. I like what I have seen so far, but I am really uncomfortable with the lack of control we appear to have over what is being 'shared'.
Hi Kevin. Thanks for your vote on the feature. We've been discussing this internally and should have a plan for it sometime soon.

One more point, about your comment of what is 'shared'. To clarify, nothing is 'shared' with us. All your files are shared among your mobile devices, but no one else has any access to your files, not even us. We don't have any ability to see your files, access your files or lose your files. Hope that helps and thanks again for the suggestion.
That's what u are saying. We have no control if it's really true. All the stuff on our computer now is indexed and is going through your servers.
I agree to be able to setup limits on what is indexed and can be 'shared'.

To reiterate what Erik said, above, nothing is being shared with any other younity user, nor are any of your files, or information about your files, being stored on our servers.
We definitely need to be able to have some kind of customized control as mentioned above. Do I need younity to index every file on my computer? Heck no, I have over 4 TB and this seems to be taking forever and most of the directories that are showing up are for things that I have no use for. Do I need all the image files for icons and textures for programs to show up? No. I would love to be able to index only certain directories and customize the file types. It would be even better if I could set directories for music, videos and whatever and browser the directories like I would on my own computer. Everything on my computer is organized by directories. It doesnt help that younity lumps all of my videos into one thing and ignores my directory hierarchy.
my purpose in indexing files is so that I can share certain files across my staff in and out of the office. this would allow only the folders I would like them to access.
Hi Brandon, thanks for the suggestion. This is forthcoming in the next few weeks. Stay tuned and you should be set when we announce the next release. Thanks.

For some reason I can't find where to download the software for my desktop or the app for my iPhone/iPad. Can you help me out?
Never mind. I was trying to find it on get and just saw the link at the top of this page for get

No worries Brandon. Let us know if you have any issues we can help with. Thanks.
I too must echo the previous posters regarding selective file &/or directory access. I would ONLY like to have 1folder maybe called MyCloud with content I can access from any of my devices or grant someone selective access.

But I am enjoying trying Younity out. Just don't really see the point in sharing my Desktop or other LOB critical files.
So have there been any updates on the previous conversation? I hope you come to an affirmative decision!!! #fingerscrossed

Please note that our new release supports external drives and multiple internal drives. It also allows you to select specific folders to unify. To change the default settings, just click on the younity icon in the system tray or menubar and select Preferences.
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