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I downloaded Younity in iPhone & Windows 7 Laptop - no files are showing up on my phone at all.


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Hi Alex. Thanks for posting and sorry you are encountering an issue. Let me try to clarify a few things first.

Did your Win7 computer finish registering? When it does, you'll see a pop up message on your screen indicating so. The duration of your computer scan can range from a few minutes to much much longer, and is dependent entirely on the number of files and speed of your computer. It is typically 10-15 minutes.

Once it is done, if you open younity on your iPhone you'll notice an updating message. The first time you open it, younity will be grabbing all the metadata about your Win7 computer. This may take about ~1 minute if you have a lot of files.

Please let us know if these both happened, but you still see nothing.

Thanks and we appreciate your patience.
I am having a similar issue. I have an iphone and my computer is running Windows 7. My problem is that I can see every file that i have on my computer on my iphone but I cannot do anything with them on my phone. They are there but they are unclickable. It says that they're unavailable.
Hi Jeaux, sorry for such a long delay in replying to you and sorry for the trouble you are having.

Typically, if a file says "Unavailable" it means the device that is storing it is offline (turned off or is a laptop with the lid closed). Is that the case? If you know the device is online and not sleeping, but your iPhone still says it is unavailable, please let us know and we'll move to the next step. Thanks for your patience.
Thanks for the reply. I experience this problem while my laptop is on and running.
OK, thanks for the reply Jeaux. If your laptop is on and running and your phone still says that files are unavailable, we could try two things. Once in a while, younity loses a connection to the server that lets your phone and computer find each other. You can quit younity on your laptop and restart it or reboot your laptop (which achieves the same result). Otherwise, we would need your logs to figure out the issue.

To get your error logs, please do the following:

Laptop/computer - click on the younity icon in the sys tray, then select "Preference" and then click the "Send error logs to Entangled Media" option.

iPhone - open younity on your phone, go to the Settings view and click the email icon in the upper right of the screen. The Settings view will also indicate if your laptop is available, but keep in mind that your iPhone sometimes takes 30-60 seconds to update network connections.

Very sorry for your difficulty. Please let us know which option you want to go with and we'll keep an eye out for your logs if you send them in.
I quit Unity and rebooted but am still experiencing the same problem. I have sent the logs from both my laptop and iphone.

Your logs clearly show a problem connecting to one of our servers. We took a look at everything on our end, but didn't find anything convincing. If it's not too much trouble, would you mind checking again and seeing if things are any better?

If not, we'd appreciate it if you would send in your logs from your PC again.

Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience.
Things seem to be working well now. It looks like the problem has been cleared up. Thank you Mike and Eric for all the help!
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