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What happens if I my phone get stolen, can anyone access my files if the have my phone?

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younity has a PIN lock feature that will prompt you to enter a PIN each time the app is activated. If you enable that feature, the thief would need to know that PIN in order to access your files.

Also, just in case you didn't know it, iOS itself has a PIN lock feature that will prompt for a PIN each time your phone itself is activated. That will protect all of your apps, not just younity.

Finally, if you don't have PIN lock set, and your phone is stolen, just notify us at and we will deactivate the stolen device from your account, which will prevent the thief from accessing your files.

We will be adding support in the future for you to manage your own devices directly via younity. Once that feature is available, you would be able to deactivate the stolen device yourself from one of your other devices.
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